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Finding Good Dog Training Classes and especially Quality Canine Behaviour Advice nowadays can be a nightmare and in the long term extremely expensive to both the dog owner and more so ‘the dog’, who with bad advice and/or training could end up paying the ultimate price! There is, at present no legislation as to who can call themselves a dog trainer or even more worryingly a ‘Dog Behaviour Expert’, unfortunately many totally unqualified and inexperienced people are calling themselves just that, causing stress, misery and heartbreak to families and not curing or even causing untold problems in dogs with bad and poor advice and training methods. They are basically ripping people off, so please beware when scanning around for the cheapest price etc. It is our belief that around 50% of Dog Training Classes are run by Unqualified and Inexperienced people, whilst around 80% of ‘Dog Behaviour Consultants’, are totally Unqualified and Inexperienced. Do you really want to expose your beloved dog to these people?

Come to the experts at The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour & Training, we have many years of Experience and our Qualified Canine Behaviour and Dog Training Consultants can have you and your dog feeling more confident in no time.

A Bit of Advice Upon Nutrition in Your Dog

A Quality Balance Diet is essential for your Puppy/Dog to mature and function soundly and well, an unbalanced, cheap or inadequate diet can cause untold health and behaviour issues within dogs.
The Academy are Proud to be Associated with The Very Best Dog Food Available.
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Accredited Dog Trainers

The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour (KCAI) is recognised and regarded as an excellent, in depth and very creditable qualification to attain. It is City and Guilds recognised. 
Russell Becque has this qualification in no less than THREE different disciplines namely Behavioural Training, Competitive Obedience and also Companion Dog Training, ALL at Advanced Levels. All Instructors at The Academy are either KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor) accredited or working toward their accreditation.
Behaviour Problems
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Canine Behaviour Experts

The Academy Of Modern Canine Behaviour was set up to facilitate all areas of expertise under one banner that our clients can trust. 

You will receive the Very Best in Top Quality Professional Advice, Training and Assistance. 
There are No Risks Involved. 

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Meet The Staff
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Services Available Across the Country

We operate a Countrywide Behaviour and Training Counselling Service but at present, we are mostly prominent in Portsmouth, Eastleigh, Havant, Southsea, Portchester, Chichester, Southampton,  Hampshire, West Sussex, the South Coast, all the surrounding areas and Countrywide.

We also accept any of the following methods of payment:
  •     Cash
  • Cheque
  •    BACS
  •   Paypal
Forthcoming Educational Courses

A.M.C.B.T. Offer the Following Services:

If you're looking for Experienced and Qualified Dog Trainers and Canine Behavioural Consultants, Contact Us! The Academy Of Modern Canine Behaviour & Training was founded and is run by Russell Becque. A Top Canine Behaviour and Training Consultant for Over 40 years (See Meet The Staff Page), he conducts private lessons for dogs and dog owners. Our team caters to all Dog Behaviour and Dog Training Problems in Dogs. We conduct Positive and Enjoyable Training Methods. You may opt for our 1-2-1 Home Behaviour/Training Visits for your dog socialisation / puppy socialisation or training. 

We also offer Puppy / Pet Dog Training Courses of 8 weeks duration, resulting in an academy completion diploma. Our training is Motivational, Friendly and Fun. We also provide quality dog foods and dog training products at reduced prices. Our other services include the following:

Dog Socialisation, Puppy Socialisation, Canine Behaviour & Dog Training Experts, serving Portsmouth, Eastleigh, Havant, Southsea, Portchester, Chichester, Southampton, Hampshire, West Sussex & Countrywide.

The Team of Experienced Dog Training & Behaviour Consultants at The Academy Of Modern Canine Behaviour & Training are waiting and looking forward to meeting you and your dog.
The Very Best in Canine Behaviour and Training is only a Mouse Click or Telephone Call Away!!!
Call us on:  023 9237 0909

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