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Academy founder and CEO picture

Academy Founder and CEO

Russell Becque FAMCBT, KCAI, BehA, ObA, CdA
Expert Canine Behaviour Consultant and Dog Training Instructor.

Russell is widely regarded as one of the UK’s Top Canine Behaviour and Training Experts, he has the coveted KCAI (Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour) qualification in no less than THREE different Disciplines ALL AT ADVANCED LEVEL, Behavioural Training, Competitive Obedience and also Companion Dog Training, he was a finalist in the KCAI Trainer of the year 2015.

Russell has been training his own dogs for Competition Obedience since 1981 and has been Instructing Obedience Dog Training Classes since 1983. He has trained his own dogs to compete at Championship level in obedience competition, running his own Dog Training Clubs as well as taking classes at other clubs. Advising and curing many social, behavioural, aggressive and training problems in dogs over the years has given him a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. He is the first to admit however, that he is always still learning and is constantly striving to develop and learn new methods and techniques. Russell is also a regular Fully Qualified Kennel Club Championship Class ‘C’ Obedience Show Judge and was very proud to have been honoured by The Kennel Club, to Judge The Y.K.C. Obedience Finals at Crufts Dog Show in 2013 and again at Crufts in 2016 judging The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Special Pre-Beginner Stakes Final.

Russell is a devout dog lover through and through, his methods are based entirely on building confidence and ‘the want to do it factor’ in the dog. Russell is currently taking classes at The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour and Training, Portsmouth Branch as well as seeing clients whose dogs have behaviour issues at the centre but mainly in their own homes countrywide.

Russell can be seen and is a valued trainer on televisions ‘The Underdog Show’.
Although very discreet, trustworthy and not a name dropper, among his clients are Prominent Celebrities, Top Business People as well as a Lord and Lady!
Russell is regularly asked by Barristers, Solicitors and Insurance Companies to perform behaviour assessments and reports on dogs accused of behaviour issues and their owners are therefore subject to Legal Action, he also performs assessments and compiles full Court reports on Dog owners accused of having an out of control or dangerous dog and are also subjects of legal and/or court action. He has appeared in court in defence of many wrongly accused dogs in recent years, in one prominent case in 2012 was praised by the Judge for his informative, honest and in depth testimony which greatly contributed to a dog owner wrongly accused of having an aggressive and out of control dog being found not guilty and no action taken against owner or dog.
Forthcoming Educational Courses
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Branch Manager: 
Portchester and 
Havant Branches.

Juanita Rogers AMCBTq  KCAI Cd

Juanita is the Branch Manager and Head Instructor at the Portchester and Havant Branches of the Academy and is one of only a handful of KCAI accredited instructors in Companion Dog Training in Portsmouth! 
“I got the training bug after training my American Bulldog puppy to Gold Level in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme and knew then that I wanted to work with dogs and their owners to help them to follow in my footsteps of building a strong bond with their dog and promote responsible dog ownership.” 
Juanita originally started as a Trainee Instructor with the Academy in 2009, passed her Academy Instructors exam in 2014 and achieved her Companion Dog KCAI accreditation in October 2017. 
Juanita is both human and canine first aid trained, has a level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Animal Management and is currently studying for a level 3 qualification in Canine Nutrition. 
Although she is a lover of all dogs great and small, Juanita specialises in Bull breeds and owns 2 very stubborn American Bulldogs and a crazy rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross! “I love to demonstrate with my bull breeds and show people how wonderful a family dog they can be with the right owner, socialisation and training. I am an avid promoter of deed not breed and live for the day when breed specific legislation is abolished". 
In her spare time Juanita enjoys going for long walks with her dogs, training her naughty rescue dog Skye in obedience and has recently started competing in agility with her oldest American Bulldog Lenny who’s agile-ness can only be described as the Titanic trying to navigate around icebergs!
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Branch Manager: 
Southsea Branch.

Jo Edwards AMCBTq

As an advanced dog training instructor, Jo Edwards has been with The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour and Training for 7 years and is now the Branch Manager and Head Instructor at Southsea branch. Prior to this, she was a club member working her dogs through the classes to competition class level. Her passion and hobby is Competition Obedience and all the training and socialising that goes with it. As well as working her own dogs, Jo is a qualified Kennel Club Obedience Show Judge.

Jo has trained and worked a dog, her Jesse, up to class ‘ C ‘, and her current youngster Chase, age 2 yrs, started competing last season and has had several rosettes and won his first Novice. She was introduced to Competition Obedience when she took her Labrador cross Tex to puppy classes where she fell in love with Border Collies. She got her first Border Collie, Jesse as a pup and learnt so much about Obedience through him. Sadly both Tex and Jesse have recently gone to Rainbow Bridge. She also has Tia, a rescue Border Collie who is 8 yrs old.

Jo is currently working towards her KCAI accreditation. She has also taken up Agility with Chase and is enjoying the challenge of learning another dog sport. When she has time to relax, Jo loves to walk on The South Downs with her dogs and the beach at Hayling Island especially when the tide is out. Jo states “ Being a Dog Training Instructor is very rewarding and I enjoy passing on my expertise from what I have learned throughout my training career.I am still learning, both through the KCAI and all the courses that I attend, both on Behaviour and Training.I aim to continue learning and transferring my knowledge on to others who come to The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour and Training with their dogs”.
Head instructor

Branch Manager: 
Bishopstoke & Gosport Branches.

Juliet Andrews AMCBTq

Juliet heads our newest branches at Bishopstoke and Gosport with a very bubbly and endearing personality. She is now very much at the standard of being able to manage her own branches, as well as being a very capable qualified instructor. She started training her own dogs through the academy and also enjoys attending various instructor and behaviour courses. Juliet has a chocolate Labrador ‘Nessy’, black Labrador ‘Ninja’ and the newest addition a black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ‘Fudge’.

She recently started agility with Ninja and is also animal first aid trained.

Juliet enjoys helping owners train their own dogs and seeing the progress they make from start to the end.
She has a keen interest in canine behaviour psychology and believes every dog deserves a second chance, with this belief comes the back-up that Juliet takes into her home unwanted dogs, rehabilitates them and finds them new homes, a very commendable action. She works closely with Russell on Behaviour Consultations and is proving to be a true asset in this field.

Her spare time is taken up with studying and researching dog training and behaviour, she has a never ending thirst for knowledge!!!

Juliet is also working hard toward her KCAI Accreditation. 
Canine beautician

Canine Beautician

Kirsten Becque N.P.T.C.

Married to Russell (we all have our crosses to bare), Kirsten has been involved with Academy Of Modern Canine Behaviour & Training for over ten years.

As well as running the academy shop, she supplies high-quality dog food and training equipment for the academy members. She also shares her vast knowledge with them.

A qualified City and Guilds dog groomer, Kirsten offers a grooming service in the local area also specialising in the grooming of difficult dogs! Kirsten owns 3 Border collies, one that she has bred from her bitch and is currently working in obedience competitions and also a 12-year-old rescue dog who had been badly abused and came with horrendous distrust issues but is now a lovely and loving pet. She is currently rehabilitating a puppy for a well-known rescue society.

Kirsten competes with her dogs in obedience shows all over the country along with Russell. She is a valued part of his Championship Judging Ring Party.

She has previously worked as a dog walker and a dog warden with Havant Borough Council.
Kirsten has also started agility training with Jinx and also has a big love of horses and anything to do with horses!
Kirsten also tends to like Sir Cliff Richard but then we are all allowed one lapse in taste!
English bull dog

Southsea Branch

Fiona Bird AMCBTq

Fiona has been taking classes at The Academy since September 2014 and is now a valued Instructor at the Southsea Branch. She is currently taking her own classes at Southsea Branch and graduated as a Qualified Academy Instructor in November 2016. Fiona states she is “loving every minute of it”. Fiona is also working toward her KCAI Accreditation. 

After taking a redundancy from FE teaching, Fiona has been running her own dog walking business called Bark n Ride since January 2015. Her ‘purple pawed’ van is a familiar sight to all her doggy customers in the Drayton area and she has built an enviable reputation in this field.
Fiona has an infectious personality and thirst for learning, she is physically extremely fit and a bit of an adrenaline junkie!

She has endeared herself greatly with academy staff and clients alike with her knowledge, enthusiasm and personality.

Fiona has a gorgeous Boxer called Tia who she began training with the academy in February 2015 where she completed classes all the way up to and passed gold level.

They now compete in competitive obedience where Fiona and Tia won pre-beginner at their first attempt proving that Boxers can do it too!

In April 2017 Fiona took on a lunatic 6 month old German Spitz who hated the show ring but has taken to obedience and agility like a crazy duck to water, proving that these type of dogs often need to be kept busy to keep out of trouble!
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Trainee Instructor: 
Portsmouth Branch.

 Nadine Redfearn

Nadine Redfearn is another one of our trainee dog instructors approached by Russell while training her pug puppy at the Portsmouth Branch. With being such a huge dog lover Nadine jumped at the chance to be able to work alongside the team members to assist with training classes..

Dogs have always been a huge part of Nadine's life from a very young age with one of her latest dogs being a rescue. Meaning the last few years she has spent working with its many behaviour issues with success, so she has a very large interest in assisting dogs with behavioural issues.

Having found the academy lessons so rewarding with training her pug who is now through silver level, she is keen to help others earn the same success and sense of achievement as she has, due to her hard working nature. 
Nadine now looks forward to building her knowledge and enhancing her skills with the academy. 
Professional dog trainer

Trainee Instructor: Portsmouth Branch

Lauren Haines

Lauren started with the academy after training her little spaniel Milo! Having a good eye for potential talent, Russell approached her to become a trainee instructor and neither of them have looked back. Lauren is a natural with people and has an ability to learn very precisely and quickly. She has become very popular within the academy with clients, members and staff alike and has the potential to become a truly inspired and inspiring dog trainer.

She is on the verge of taking her academy instructors exam and qualifying as an academy instructor.
Lauren keeps herself very grounded which is a lovely characteristic and if anything, underestimates her true talent.

Taking classes at the academy Portsmouth branch from puppy through to gold Level, Lauren is always very thorough, organised and exceptionally capable.

Lauren has attended behaviour courses, learning hands on more about canine behaviour and broadening her knowledge of the causes and ways to resolve issues. She has a true, deep love and affinity with dogs.

A little bonus fact: Lauren often resorts to wearing ripped jeans, which leads to Russell arranging charity collections to help dress her properly!
do trainer in Portchester

Trainee Instructor: 
Portchester Branch.

Kimberley Moore

Kimberley is fast becoming a top performer as a trainee instructor at the academy. She assists in classes from puppy through to gold Level and also now takes her own classes.

From a young age Kimberley has been involved with the care of dogs in various roles such as dog walking, dog sitting and enjoyed participating in showing her first dog at canine charity events. Kimberley has also helped at the RSPCA Solent Branch (The Stubbington Ark) as a dog socialiser. Kimberley’s experience with the Academy has included attending weekend behaviour courses in understanding and overcoming behavioural problems in dogs as well as Advanced Instructor and assisting Russell with some 121 consultations.

Kimberley has taken her Border collie Dylan to puppy training classes and has recently had a go at voluntary experience in dog grooming. In her spare time Kimberley enjoys walking dogs with her family and friends. Kimberley is keen to expand her knowledge in dog training and animal welfare by researching the subject through reading, the internet and first-hand experience.

Kimberley’s long term goal is to obtain a career working with dogs.
dog walker

 Training Assistant: 
Portchester Branch

David Bickerton

David Bickerton is first and foremost an animal lover and a people person.
He is a dog owner, who feels that correct care and training for any animal is essential.
So when his latest and smallest rescue dog, arrived with quite severe behavioural issues, he turned to his vet for help, who in turn recommended Russell at the academy.

Following a home visit from Russell, who demonstrated some very useful strategies, David decided to attend regular puppy classes. The objective was to learn more about the training techniques and expectations of other dog owners.
David has since taken his dog, with the help of some expert guidance, through bronze, silver and gold standard training. Both he and the dog have learned a lot and enjoyed the classes.

It is the ethos of the training he likes learning together in a fun way through reward and practice.
No prior expectations or forceful methods but common sense and helpful suggestions.

Learning together with others who love their pets and want the best for them in a relaxed and safe environment.
Although David’s dog has completed his training we still practice daily whilst exercising him or at home.

David decided to stay on as a volunteer, to help and encourage other dog owners by sharing what he’s learned. As well as giving something back, in a small way, to those who have been such a positive influence in his training.
dog walker

 Registration Assistant: 
Portchester Branch

Carolann Bickerton

Carolann Bickerton is an animal lover who has grown up in a family where pets and especially dogs were important. 
As a retired teacher, who worked for 35 years with children & people with Special Needs, she is also a people person.
She is a dog owner, so knows that correct care & training for any animal is essential. So when her latest & smallest rescue dog, arrived, quite unexpectedly, displaying severe behavioural issues, she contacted recommended behavioural expert Russell Becque at The Academy to ask for help.
Russell arranged a home visit and demonstrated some very useful strategies which helped reduce initial problems over a short period. 
Carolann decided to attend regular puppy classes, to reinforce the strategies learned and proceed with further behavioural training. The objective was to learn more about the techniques & discover expectations of other dog owners with similar problems. â€¨Carolann with her husband David, has since taken her dog, with the help of some expert guidance, through bronze, silver and gold standard training. 
Both Carolann and Elvi have learned a lot and enjoyed the classes where the training is relaxed and has a fun element to it. The ethos of learning together through reward and reinforcement is very close to her heart as an ex teacher. 
No prior expectations or forceful methods, are used, but common sense and helpful suggestions are there to aid success. 
Although Carolann's dog has completed his training things are still practiced daily whilst exercising him or in the home.
Carolann has decided to stay on as a volunteer, to help and encourage other dog owners in a safe and friendly environment, sharing what she has learned. As well as giving something back, in a small way, to those who have been such a positive influence in training Elvi. 
dog walker

 Trainee Instructor: 
Gosport Branch

Lauren Hargrave

Lauren is a trainee instructor at the Gosport Branch. 

She is a Student Veterinary Nurse working in a busy veterinary practice and is particularly interested in Emergency and Critical Care. She is dedicated to the welfare of all animals, and especially enjoys dog behaviour and training. 

Lauren has her own "little old lady" dog Sadie the Labrador cross who is 13 and now almost completely deaf (although Lauren thinks sometimes it may be selective hearing!) 

She also looks after friends dogs who she has enjoyed passing on her training knowledge to. She is very keen and motivated and is now taking her own class, which she absolutely loves. 
dog walker

 Trainee Instructor: 
Bishopstoke Branch

Jo Moulton

Jo is a trainee instructor at Bishopstoke branch who is now at the standard to take her own classes. She has a friendly and bubbly personality and is a great asset to the Bishopstoke team. 

Jo developed a desire for helping owners and dogs with behavioural issues after one of her own dogs became reactive to other dogs. Juliet, Bishopstoke Branch Manager, visited Maisie (JRT x Chi) who is now improving week on week with Jo’s dedication and commitment to her rehabilitation. 

Maisie and her youngest JRT x chi, Doug, are currently working their way through the Academy training levels with her son. Jo also has another older dog, Alfie who is a chilled out old boy!

In her spare time she enjoys walking with her dogs, supporting her youngest son at football matches, watching her daughter in dance shows and looking after the numerous other pets in the house including lizards and tarantulas! (Her eldest son wants to be a vet and manages to talk her into adding to their ‘collection’ frequently!)

Jo is looking forward to learning and progressing through The Academy to become a fully qualified Academy Instructor.  

dog walker

 Trainee Instructor: 
Portchester & Havant Branches

Kati Jackson

Kati Jackson has a passion for all animals but especially dogs. Owning a Blind German Shepherd 'Bella', who never ceases to amaze Kati and Academy staff with her ability to overcome her disability and nervousness with new situations. Bella is now at Silver Level Award and it is a really interesting learning experience, progressing from a very nervous reactive dog to a confident and interactive German Shepherd. 
 Training her two Husky X Malamute brothers Howler & Lucky to Gold Award Level with her better half Mark. Noah is her very calm Husky who on occasion has helped her with the dogs she walks who are of a nervous disposition. 
 Working through the issues that have presented themselves with owning 4 dogs sparked an interest in becoming involved in the training of puppies and dogs of all Breeds and Behaviours. This interest has led to opening her own dog walking Business and becoming a Trainee Instructor for the Academy. In Kati’s own words “The Academy has given me the confidence to visualise a future achieving all my goals in an Organised and Educational Training Programme Dedicated to Excellence”. 
Volunteering for German Shepherd Rescue South and seeing the many struggles carers sometimes have in adjusting to a poorly trained or reactive dog is the drive behind her ultimate goal to help both the dog and owner through the early stages of adoption and to offer support to the Rescues when new dogs arrive. 
dog walker

 Trainee Instructor: 
Southsea Branch

Lisa Newnham

Lisa is a trainee instructor at our Southsea Branch. 

She has two dogs Koda and Rogue and enjoys training them with the academy. 

Lisa first became interested in becoming an instructor after attending puppy training with her Sarloos Wolf dog cross Collie, Koda. It wasn’t until she introduced Rogue, German Shepherd, to her family that she approached Jo about joining the team. 
She enjoys meeting the dogs and their owners and watching the progress that they make.

Lisa is working towards becoming a qualified instructor, she is looking forward to the journey and the knowledge she will accumulate.
Being able to support owners in the training of their dogs competently and confidently is something Lisa feels is important and rewarding.
dog walker

 Trainee Instructor: 
Gosport Branch

Jemma Wakeley

Jemma is a trainee instructor at the Gosport branch, she moved to Gosport from Essex in 2016 to be closer to her family on the Isle of Wight. 

Jemma has always loved dogs and became really interested in training and what it brings to dogs and their owners after volunteering at a dog rescue centre and seeing first hand the reasons people give up on their dogs. 

Jemma believes wholeheartedly in training through issues with patience care and consistency using praise reward and fun. 

Jemma adopted the first dog she walked at the rescue he is called Wolfie and is a brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier x German Shepherd Dog, he is keen to learn and enjoys training.

dog walker

 Trainee Instructor: 
Portsmouth Branch

Pippa Fraser-Harris

Pippa joined our team as a trainee in September 2017 after meeting with Fiona from our Southsea branch, on local dog walks. She enquired about booking onto several of the courses with AMCBT, to enable her to offer the best of care for the dogs on her walks physically, intellectually, emotionally & socially. 

 Her dog walking business was founded in early 2017, an animal lover with a life-long passion to work with dogs. 
Pippa has worked in a variety of settings across child care and education & specialised in behaviour management before taking the leap into her new chosen career with dogs. 
Owning three dogs of her own, a Springer Spaniel, a Pugalier, and a CockaPoo — Pippa has created a professional dog walking service for all breeds, sizes, and temperaments & being a part of AMCBT is helping her to better understand the behaviour of the dogs in her care. 
Qualified in first aid for dogs and humans, Pippa has also attended numerous behavioural courses with AMCBT, making her a reliable companion for the dogs in her care & her commitment to training is making her a valuable new team member. 

Her long term aspirations are to become a Qualified AMCBT trainer with Russell Becque & his team at our Portsmouth Branch.
"Russell came recommended to me he has changed mine and my dog's life. A rescued bully that hadn't experienced the outside or been socialised couldn't walk on a lead and displayed nervous aggression to every dog really doesn't make it the ideal dog. She had many previous owners by 18 months old. I think too many times people gave up on her and just got rid of her. I cannot believe the overnight improvement, seriously! I paid for a home visit from Russell which I thought would have cost a lot more than it did. On top of that I can call him any time if I need more advice or help. We have weekly visits to the academy to improve on her socialising. He is qualified which many behaviourists aren't. He has changed our lives and that is priceless. His prices reflect his dedication and love of dogs the back up and help included with the home visit is priceless. The results speak for themselves!"
- Ally Bella
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We Travel across the Country, including Portsmouth, Portchester, Southsea, Southampton, Gosport & Havant!!!

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